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Tjene Analytics

Our Tjene Analytics offerings empower businesses to bring insight into how their transactional Tririga data is benefiting business groups and the enterprise.

Focusing on data, analysis, forecasting and optimization, Tjene Analytics provides end-to-end solutions for each of the following areas:








Data Analytics

“Data is the new oil” is a mantra often used in the industry. Yet, companies continually face struggles tapping into the potential that is available to them. Realizing what they know but not necessarily knowing how to extract that potential, Kurve Analytics provides strategies and solutions to extract dividends from your data.

  • Governance – establish a scalable strategy that doesn’t have to start at the global level

  • Master Data Management – build up trust amount business sponsors and users to believe the data they are using is reliable

  • Profiling & Refinement – identify issues and fine tune processes to get the data to work for you instead of working for the data

  • Integrations – bring in other sources of truth to uncover pieces of the puzzle not realized before



Reporting Analytics

Bringing together data that tells an accurate story through visualizations, dynamic filtering, and drill throughs can only happen once a story is created. With Tjene Analytics, those stories are already ready to be told. Utilizing our foundation enables businesses to turn their stories around more quickly. Extract further dividend with our Reporting Analytics solutions.

  • Utilize the industry's strongest BI leaders (MS PowerBI, Tableau and QlikSense) to build out dashboards and reports for a wide range of end uers - from operational end users to critical decision makers

  • Expert knowledge of each core module enables Tjene to quickly design and configure reports that highlight actionable insight to keep operations running more efficiently

  • Blending data from 3rd party systems to provide deeper insight into daily operations and business planning



Predictive Analytics

Our Data Science experts fit multiple statistical models to your data, compare their accuracy scores while keeping in mind the bias and variance tradeoff, and choose the best scoring model to use.


  • Split data into Training sets and Test sets
  • Fit many models on Training sets using cross validation and comparing accuracy of predictions against Test sets
  • Choose the best model based on accuracy, variance, and bias
  • Put into production the best model that accurately predicts future outcomes


Business Optimization

In combination with predictive modeling, the next step to realizing ROI on actionable insight is to revisit your Business Process Management (BPM) and blend the predictive models to iterate through outcomes that generate cost and work efficiencies.

Take for example, a predictive model that accurately forecast work tasks for the next couple of years. Blending that model with the existing resource scheduler enables businesses to accurately prioritize work tasks so that issues are corrected quickly, efficiently and at reduced costs.

BPM incorporating predictive modeling is the next frontier for business operations to develop, budget and plan more leaner operational strategies.