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Kurve Analytics

Kurve Analytics offers powerful dashboards that increase performance and provide deeper insights into TRIRIGA Data. These include Lease, Space, and Operations & Maintenance Dashboards. Kurve Analytics allows for trending data analysis with multiple data sources, paving the way for forecasting and predictive analytics.

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Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Kurve Analytics gives you dashboards that show you how your entire business is doing. KPI's show real metrics needed to make hard decisions faster. Kurve has dashboards for Lease, Operations and Maintenance, and Space modules. We are continually adding more dashboards.



Make Sense of Complete Business Data

Get a complete view by monitoring how your data is trending. Use Kurve Analytics to combine multiple data sources, to see how your Real Estate operations is affected by other parts of your business.



Optimize performance

Kurve Analytics optimizes your data to allow your graphs and reports to run faster. While TRIRIGA is limited by data complexity, Kurve Analytics cuts run time from minutes into seconds.



Develop Deep Knowledge of your Business

Kurve Analytics infrastructure puts all the pieces in place to provide predictive analytics and forecasting on your business data. Have an intelligent view of where your business is headed and make the right decisions today.


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