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Kurve Core

Traditional enterprise reporting systems are unintuitive, bulky, and expensive -  many require additional servers, integrations, and custom development. We realized the opportunity to develop an efficient and user friendly solution: Kurve Core. Kurve Core is straight-forward and ready to go –  affording simplicity and empowering end-users to create their own visualizations.

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Kurve has efficient on-demand reporting, which requires minimal overhead on a TRIRIGA query. The user-defined reports/graphs can be saved and shared, and the implementation is lightning-fast. Within Kurve Core graphs, a user can examine the exact TRIRIGA records that the graph was generated from – in fact, TRIRIGA records can be opened directly from Kurve.

Calculations normally made in TRIRIGA can be created in Kurve Core in just a fraction of the time - and arranging or formatting queries into reports is equally fast. 

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In addition to the convenience and easy implementation, Kurve Core has an elegant user interface and is naturally intuitive. This system can be used by any data analyst, user, or representative with TRIRIGA access, making it truly cross-functional and employable at any level of business. 

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Key Features


No need for a lengthy implementation process; installation of Kurve Core is both time and resource efficient.




Kurve Core uses existing TRIRIGA queries for ease and efficiency. Finding and selecting the right query is straightforward with powerful results. 




This tool looks at real-time data for the most current information - meaning your reports will always be up-to-date. 




All saved reports can be accessed within TRIRIGA and integrated into user portals and forms.




This system is unrivalled in simplicity, efficiency, and compatibility at its competitive price point.