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+ How did you come up with Kurve?

Based off of our experience with TRIRIGA Consulting, we noticed a major gap in data visualization in TRIRIGA for End-Users.

+ How do I get started?

Book a demo! We can talk about how Kurve can best suit your TRIRGA experience and get a better understanding of your business needs.

+ How do you come up with what's new on Kurve?

Freshdesk – we constantly monitor what our clients need for roadmapping. Kurve releases every quarter – based off of client feedback.

+ How much does Kurve Core cost?

The price is based on a percentage of your TRIRIGA licenses. Let's chat to discuss where you are at and how Kurve Core/Custom can meet your expectations.

+ How is Kurve different from BIRT?

Birt is not dynamic with their reporting. A static report template must be created to run it. Kurve lets you create dynamic reports and graphs off of live TRIRIGA information. It can all be created by end-users – no admin necessary.

Please visit the support page for additional information.

+ What free resources are available?

We offer User Guides, How-to Videos and Best Practices which are available on our Support page.

+ What paid resources are available?

Let's chat to discuss what type of support you are looking for. We will offer additional on-site support if needed.

+ What business hours are you open for help?

This will depend on your support contract. Generally we are open 9-5 EST.

+ Can support be provided onsite at my company?

Yes! We are happy to support with onsite training and/or additional report consulting.

+ Can I check the status of my support ticket?

Yes, if you create a support ticket account with Tjene, you will be able to check on the status of your ticket.

+ Can I make a case more urgent?

Yes, it is a feature in your Kurve support ticket.

+ Do we need more servers to run Kurve?

No – Kurve is fully integrated in your existing TRIRIGA setup.

+ What versions of TRIRIGA are supported?

Currently, Kurve is available for TRIRIGA Platform 3.5 and up.

+ Our TRIRIGA system is hosted by IBM (SAAS), can you install Kurve?

Yes – Kurve can be installed in any TRIRIGA instance Platform 3.5 and up.

+ In what languages does Kurve Core support?

Currently, Kurve Core supports data in all languages supported by TRIRIGA. The Kurve tool currently is offered in English.

+ How long will it take to install?

Kurve Core can be installed on your computer in 30 minutes or less!