Version 1.6.0 of Kurve Now Available!

We are excited to announce the newest release of Kurve is available this week! The features in this next release are summarized below!

Features for 1.6.0

  1. Formatting Number columns in Kurve Reports (with sorting and filtering)

  2. New ways to filter and slice Kurve Graphs

  3. Customize Graphs in Advanced Settings

    • Manually set min and max axis

    • Stack column with percentages

    • Additional options for data labels and axes

  4. Multi-series Graphs

    • Comparing different columns on the same record (i.e. Total spent and original commitment)

  5. Admin Tool: Customizing colour template

  6. Kurve Custom

    • New app to view Kurve Custom content

  7. Additional system functions

    • Get Year of a date field

    • Get Day (number) of a date field

    • Date within - (is this date within x months of today)

    • Format currency (another option for formatting)

  8. Minor Bug Fixes

If you're interested in learning more about these features, book a demo with us using the following link:

1.6 Release.gif
David Yew
Release of Three New How-to Videos!

We're excited to release three new how-to videos to help you make the most of Kurve Core. With our new admin portal which was released in the latest version of Kurve comes new functionality! Are you a Kurve Admin or looking to understand custom columns a little better? Check out our new videos:

  1. How-to Use the Admin Portal: in the Kurve Core admin portal you have full control of your organization's graphs and reports made in Kurve. Learn how to reassign graphs and reports to a new team member here

  2. How-to Reattach Kurve Graphs to Kurve Reports: OMing kurve graphs and reports between your different TRIRIGA environments is a breeze. Learn how to reattach Kurve graphs made from Kurve reports here!

  3. How-to Make Custom Columns: Kurve makes customizing easy with a few clicks. Our custom column function allows the user to make new columns with their TRIRIGA data. Click here to learn how to sparse out a hierarchy path or colour code task priority levels!

David Yew
Successful week at IOT Exchange

We are happy to report we had a successful week down in Orlando at IoT Exchange (TRIRIGA Academy). Not only was the weather nice, it was also great to make new connections, catch up with current clients/partners, and present Kurve Solutions to the TRIRIGA community. If we didn’t get a chance to chat and you want to learn more, book a demo with us!  

We presented two sessions at the conference:

  1. Kurve let's your data tell the story.

  2. Kurve Predictive Analytics - Predicting tomorrow’s real estate portfolio today

Both sessions were met with great feedback and we're excited for what the future has in store for our products. Book a demo now so you can see what you missed!


David Yew