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We care about your Kurve experience. Kurve can enhance reporting visualization and usability in every TRIRIGA implementation. User Guides, Best Practices, and How-to Videos are available for Kurve Core to get new users familiar with key features and capabilities.


Kurve Core: User Guide

Follow our user guide for tips on how to create, share, and enhance Kurve Graphs and Reports.

Find the latest Kurve Core User Guide (version 1.7.0) click here.

For earlier versions of Kurve click here.

Custom Column User Guide

To help you make the most out of our custom columns, find the latest version of our custom column user guide here!



Kurve Core: Best Practices

For helpful tips and tricks for Kurve Core visit our best practices guide here!

We are always adding tips so stay tuned for updates. 



Kurve Core: How-To Videos

Learn how to customize, analyze, and share your data with the videos below or visit our youtube channel !

Are you a Kurve Core Admin? Click here to see videos specific to the Admin portal.

Click here for archived videos from previous versions of Kurve.



Customer Support Tickets

Kurve Clients are encouraged to email support@kurve.freshdesk.com, to let the Kurve Team know how to best support you. 

Please include the following in the subject line of your email:

Question: Graph or Report
Request: Problem or Feature 

Feel free to email us directly, or fill out the form using the button below and we will be in touch soon!




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