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Great news! Kurve created a new app, Profile Manager. The best part is, you can download this app FREE right now!

Updating TRIRIGA user profiles can be tedious when there’s no easy way to change multiple records at one time. Kurve Profile Manager is a simple way for Admins to manage TRIRIGA User Profile Records!

Easily sort, search, and select as many people records as needed to:

  • Reset Passwords – in a fraction of the time!
  • Assign TRIRIGA Portals to multiple users at one time
  • Add Security Groups and Licenses
  • Copy user credentials and assign to others

Kurve Profile Manager is a web app using TRIRIGA’s UX Framework. So, when you download the app, it is completely self-contained within your TRIRIGA instance.


Follow our user guide for tips on how to use the Kurve Profile Manager.

Find the latest User Guide (version 1.0.0) click here.

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