Kurve Solutions

Let your data tell a story! 

We have invested so much of our time and resources into optimizing enterprise systems and data. It’s time to use our data to drive actionable insights.

Kurve is your complete solution to all of your TRIRIGA data needs. From data visualization tools for your end-user to deep analytical insights from multiple systems, Kurve lets your data tell a story.

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Kurve Core

Kurve Core empowers end-users to create and share interactive graphs and reports with real time TRIRIGA Data. It is seamlessly embedded into TRIRIGA, aimed at improving end-user engagement and operational insights. It can be used by any data analyst, user, or representative with TRIRIGA access.


Kurve Custom

While Kurve Core offers you the simplicity of creating your own graphs & reports, Kurve Custom offers advanced graphical complexity and calculations in dashboards that can be tailored to help you meet your business goals. Any module’s dashboard can be enhanced to provide specific insights into your TRIRIGA data.


Tjene Analytics

Tjene Analytics offers powerful dashboards that increase performance and provide deeper insights into TRIRIGA Data. These include Lease, Space, and Operations & Maintenance Dashboards. Tjene Analytics allows for trending data analysis with multiple data sources, paving the way for forecasting and predictive analytics.



How to Make a Kurve Graph

Feel free to watch our How-To Videos below, or visit our Support page for more help using Kurve!
If you’re a Kurve Core Admin, click here to view how-to videos for the Admin portal.



Are you interested?

To find out if Kurve is right for your business, schedule a demo or contact us at kurve@tjene.com



We care about your Kurve experience. We provide user guides, how-to videos, and best practices to help you make the most out of Kurve. If you need further assistance, you can email us at support@kurve.freshdesk.com so we can better assist you!