Kurve for TRIRIGA

Get going in minutes with on-demand reporting, fully embedded within IBM's TRIRIGA system.

Create a chart or report in 5 minutes or less

TRIRIGA Users are empowered to easily create real-time visualizations leveraging existing TRIRIGA queries and data.

Kurve Core was created for and tested by users of TRIRIGA.

View & action on real-time TRIRIGA data

Say goodbye to exporting data and external tools for your every day reporting needs! 

A fully embedded perceptive application means Kurve Core accesses your data in real-time.

Create new fields using Custom Columns

Add new columns by combining pre-set functions and mathematical expressions with existing report data to complete the story.

Share visualizations with colleagues

Publish graphs and reports and share publicly, individually, or by security groups.

Empower the business with your TRIRIGA data

Kurve Core enables everyone to see and understand your TRIRIGA data.

Easily display and interact with charts directly within the app or place in TRIRIGA Portals for a dashboard-like look.

What you can expect with Kurve Core:

Real-Time Data

This tool pulls real-time data for the most current information - meaning your graphs and reports will always be up-to-date.

Intuitive and Functional

A perfect balance, offering an easy to use interface combined with powerful features. Customize graphs and reports without having to rely on experts - custom columns, grouping and aggregations, easy filtering, and more!

Convenient Integration

Kurve Core uses existing TRIRIGA queries for ease and efficiency. All visualizations can be accessed within TRIRIGA and integrated into user portals and forms.

Quick Install

No need for a lengthy implementation process; installation of Kurve Core is both time and resource efficient with a simple OM Package.


This system is unrivalled in simplicity, efficiency, and compatibility at its competitive price point.

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