Kurve Custom

Custom charts, reports, and dashboards created by Custom Writers, tailored to your business needs.

Unique, interactive, and easy-to-use

  • See a view of your leases globally in an interactive map to drill down and action on lease expirations and options.
  • Check your unique KPI gauge and see if your team is on track to make the project budget.
  • Compare average historical work task completion by month over the past three years

The possibilities are endless! Let's make your reporting vision a reality.

Faster performing than out of the box TRIRIGA

Loading large amounts of TRIRIGA data at once can be a slow process - especially given unique TRIRIGA configurations and data structures.

Custom Writers have the ability to bypass the UX Platform to grab and load data faster than out of the box TRIRIGA.

Reduce load times by minutes to action on your data all the more quickly.

Browser-based and TRIRIGA-integrated

You want real-time graphs and reports that are easily accessible from the system you use every day.

Create new or reproduce visualizations [currently created using external BI tools] that are fully embedded, displayed, and interacted with within TRIRIGA home pages and Portals.

NEW! TRIRIGA Module-specific Dashboards.

Pre-made dashboards

The most commonly asked-for visuals and reports for specific TRIRIGA modules (i.e. Lease Accounting and Capital Projects) located in easy-to-use dashboards.

Real-time data

TRIRIGA-integrated dashboards access the database real-time and quickly.

No additional hardware or software needed.

Configurable and Customizable

Dashboards are configured to work exactly to your unique TRIRIGA system setup.

Work with our experts to add, take away, or modify charts in the dashboard to your liking.

NEW! Custom Lease Accounting Dashboard Demo Video

  • Advanced performance
  • Real-time data
  • Fully-embedded within TRIRIGA

Watch our demo video of Kurve's ready-to-go dashboard:

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