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July 6, 2021

Your redesigned destination for Kurve, TRIRIGA, and data visualization!

We are very excited to announce the launch of Kurve Solutions' newly redesigned website! 

Here at Kurve, we're all about enhancing the experience and usability of our tools. Well the same goes for our website. We wanted to make the new site is easier to navigate, more user-friendly, and overall more efficient.

We partnered with Brandcamp Digital -  a Vancouver-based marketing firm to help make the redesign a reality (we wholeheartedly recommend them if you too are looking for a new website, brand awareness, content creation, etc.). They've worked with companies like Holopod (for Slack), the Special Olympics British Columbia, and Luv the Grub.

It was a fun experience to work hand-in-hand with Brandcamp's UX Designer and Website Developer to: 

  • Create mood boards Pinterest would be proud of 😀
  • Define our "user personas" by identifying who typically visits our website and what they want out of our resources
  • Map the journey of a visitor and how they experience and interact with the site

Alright, enough about us! You want to know what you can expect from the new website:

What's new?

1. Navigation Menu & Quick Links

Who doesn't like getting to the good stuff easier and faster? That's why we reorganized the navigation so there's an easier way to learn about Kurve Solutions products and services, find support assistance, and browse through resources based on your choice.

'Quick Links' are available on the Support and Resources pages to make sure you can get to relevant information and pages quickly.

2. Product & Services

Stay up to date with all that Kurve has to offer on the new Product and Services page. A quick preview and description are available on each card highlighting Kurve Core, Kurve Custom, Profile Manager, and our overall Reporting Expertise. Go into more depth by clicking on the 'Learn More' buttons.

Don't forget! We offer a FREE perceptive app that you can download today! Visit the Profile Manager App page to send yourself the OM package now! It helps TRIRIGA Admins better manage profile records with password resets, assigning licenses and user portals, and more! 

3. Support for Kurve Clients

Are you looking for our how-to videos, user guides, and FAQs? If you've clicked on 'Support' you've come to the right place! We've also included some new and important pages for your consideration.

Kurve Admin Learning Center: A new home for all the resources a Kurve Admin would need, including training videos and user guides

Best Practices: Helpful tips and tricks including naming conventions for custom fields in TRIRIGA, OM practices, improving TRIRIGA performance, and more

Submit a Ticket: A quick and easy way to get to where Kurve Clients can submit a support ticket or feature request

4. Resources for All

Organized by topics, you'll find articles and resources needed for deciding if Kurve is the right tool for you, general reporting tips and tricks, and newest features and functionality in product releases.

Use the secondary navigation or 'Topic Links' to hone in on areas of interest.

What's coming in the Future?

The TRIRIGA community is a small, but mighty one! We like to help each other learn and grow, and we want to make sure we continue to provide you content that does just that. Whether it's helpful information, client success stories, thought leadership, or news, we'll be doing our best to keep you in the know.

We are currently working on providing case studies to highlight how our friends and clients have been able to use reporting strategies and Kurve tools to tell a story with their TRIRIGA data! 

A big thank you again to BrandCamp, our team, and clients who donated their time to make this website what we see today! We hope you enjoy the new as much as we do! 

Please feel free to shoot us an email with any questions, suggestions, feedback, and comments.


The Kurve Team

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