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April 9, 2021

And just like that, Old Man Winter has slowly released his grasp! Although it feels like it was just yesterday that we released Version 1.12 of Kurve, the temperatures are finally rising, the birds are chirping, and the crocus are blooming. You have all been patiently awaiting the arrival of Spring and (I am assuming!) this quarter’s newest release of reporting features and functionality. This includes:

  • 4 New Filtering Capabilities for Kurve Graphs
  • And/Or Logic
  • Multi-Level Group Filtering
  • Dynamic Date Filtering
  • Unique Text Drop-Down Selection
  • A New Way to Favorite and Display Favorite Graphs and Reports
  • Accessibility Features & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Kurve Admin Favoriting Functionality

How does this latest version of Kurve Core solve today’s TRIRIGA reporting needs? Let’s hop right into it!

First: 4 NEW Graph Filtering Capabilities

Drill into your data more efficiently and effectively with these advanced filtering capabilities:

  • And/Or Logic
  • Multi-Level Group Filtering
  • Dynamic Date Filtering
  • Unique Text Drop-Down Selection

And/Or Logic

We hope you’re as excited about this one as we are! You can now apply AND and OR logic to your graph filters.

Now if you’re like me, you don’t always remember when to use this filtering logic AND that’s okay (no pun intended!). In Kurve, you’ll see the use of the words ALL and ANY to provide context on which to use. For example:

  • To identify data that meets ALL criteria within a set of filter rules, use AND logic:
  • For example, you want to identify Work Task Types that are “corrective” AND where the Priority Level is “high”
  • To identify data that meets ANY (usually at least one criteria) within a set of filter rules, use OR logic:
  • For example, you want to identify Work Task Types that are “corrective” OR where the Priority Level is “high"

Multi-Level Group Filtering

Let’s pretend you need to help a new hire at your company find an open desk to work at. You pull up your Kurve graph dedicated to your spaces and you want to apply the following filters:

  • WHERE {Space Class} is Workspaces
  • AND {Occupancy Status} is Vacant
  • OR {Earliest Available Date} is next week

As it stands, it is unclear whether you want to see spaces that are:

  • Workspaces AND (Vacant or Earliest Available Date)
  • (Workspaces AND Vacant) or Available Next Week

Using the parenthesis, you can see how these statements have different meanings. This is where group filtering comes in handy; it allows you to combine different types of logic in filters.

Let’s say you want to filter for the first statement “Workspaces AND (Vacant or Earliest Available Date).” Use Kurve’s group filtering capabilities to make this clear:

Apply this capability to your filtering routine and you’ve got yourself a recipe for results!

Dynamic Date Filtering

Have you ever thought, “It’d be so nice if I could easily filter for leases that expire this month without actually having to manually select the date range?”  

Think no more! Dynamic date filtering using “token date filters” is a reality with Kurve! You can compare the date you choose to a date or timeframe that automatically adjusts according to the current date. For example, dates that occur:

  • Today
  • This Week
  • This Month
  • This Year

You can even offset the token date filters listed above by plus or minus (+/-) a number of days, weeks, etc. to account for ‘yesterday’ or a ‘fortnight’ (way more fun to say than “2 weeks” - but you get the idea!)

Unique Text Drop-Down Selection

This new filtering capability will definitely save you time and headache. You no longer have to remember or type the exact field input you want to filter for while using ‘Equals’, ‘Not Equals’, ‘In’, or “Not In” with unique text fields.

Every input that already exists in the column is now reproduced for you in a simple drop-down. All you have to do is select the field(s) you want to filter for.

Game changer!

Second: A New Way To Favorite Graphs And Reports

You all make so many great graphs and reports that you want to save time by favoriting more of them, and we wanted to make it even easier for you to do so! Let’s unpack how favoriting has changed for the better in Version 1.13:

  • Unlimited number of favorites
  • 2 Ways to Favorite a Graph or Report:
  • Search and select the star icon using your mouse or keyboard (HINT: See the next feature for keyboard shortcuts) from the Graph or Report Overview pages, OR
  • Favorite directly from WITHIN a graph or report!
  • 2 Ways to Display your Favorite Kurve Visualizations:
  • Display up to 12 of your favorite graphs and reports on your main page dashboard; AND
  • View a complete list of all your favorites on the ‘My Favorites’ Page (check your side navigation for the star icon)!  

Kurve v1.13’s User Guide goes into complete detail on how to favorite using this new interface. Stay tuned for a new How-To Video coming to Kurve’s Youtube Channel soon.

Third: Accessibility Features & Keyboard Shortcuts

As you might recall from our last release, the team at Kurve Solutions is following the W3 and its Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as we strive to make Kurve more accessible to all its users.

In this Spring release, we focused on making the app more keyboard compatible. As you can imagine, a lot of the nitty-gritty work was done behind the scenes. It began with an overhaul of Kurve’s design and use of tables, especially on the Dashboard and Overview pages where all your graphs and reports are stored.

We really liked how Google’s Gmail and Yahoo Email tackle keyboard accessibility while interacting with rows of emails. We wanted the keyboard shortcuts to be as similar to what you likely use in other apps, while avoiding having to reinvent the wheel or introduce novel and unfamiliar shortcuts.

For example, using the ‘comma’ (,) key in Gmail will take you back to the action ribbon at the top of the page. In Kurve, the ‘comma’ (,) key is used similarly!

For example, let’s say you want to make a copy of a graph using your keyboard:

  1. Use the ‘tab’ key to navigate to the graph you want to copy
  2. Click the ‘space bar’ key one time to select the graph (activate the check box)
  3. Click the ‘comma (,)’ key to be automatically brought up to the action ribbon
  4. In the action ribbon, ‘tab’ twice till the focus is around the ‘Copy’ button
  5. Click the ‘enter’ or ‘return’ key to copy the graph

Easy, don’t you think?! Do not worry though, if you need a reminder of the Keyboard Shortcuts, check out the Help Menu located in the side Navigation.

Stay tuned as more updates and enhancements are made to Accessibility Features and Functionality over the year!

Fourth: Kurve Admin Favoriting Functionality

Kurve Users aren’t the only ones who want to be able to favorite their own graphs and reports – Admins want to be able to help too! This feature is also very helpful for Admins who prefer to do the heavy lifting themselves and create a space for Users to login and see what they need right away.

If you’re a Kurve Admin, make your way to your Admin Portal and click on the star icon in the side navigation to open ‘Manage Favorites.’ From here you can find and select the Kurve User to…

  • View currently favorited graphs and reports
  • Select a graph or report to add to the user’s favorite list
  • Deselect a graph or report no longer considered a favorite

As you can see, this Spring release does not disappoint! If you would like to see these features in-action or have a question or two, schedule a demo now or reach out to us at

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