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October 24, 2023

Change is in the air, and so is innovation. You all have been eagerly anticipating the newest release of Kurve (for TRIRIGA) Version 1.23. Kurve is here to help you work smarter and more efficiently with your TRIRIGA data. It's time to explore the new features of this release, which includes new data summarization features, a delete confirmation prompt, and a few user experience enhancements. Let’s dive in and see what Kurve can do for you!

Click on a feature below to learn what’s now available in Kurve Version 1.23:

  1. Group Summary Row: Organize and effortlessly summarize your grouped and aggregated data with a summary row at the bottom of a Kurve report
  2. Delete Prompt for Reports: Prevent breaking graphs that are made from Kurve reports with a new warning prompt when deleting reports  
  3. Graph Total for Multiple Series: Gain deeper insights by viewing multiple series’ totals in graphs
  4. User Experience Enhancements: Simple improvements to grouped columns and fFilter types that make a big impact on your reporting experience

1. Group Summary Row

One of the standout features in this release is the Summary Row. This feature addition allows you to create a summary row that calculates the total aggregation value per column. This means quicker insights for you and your colleagues! Whether you're tracking the average cost of all active leases, evaluating a sum of actual costs for all capital projects, or examining a count of all work tasks in certain facilities, the Summary Row feature makes it easier to comprehend and analyze data at a glance.

What is a Summary Row?

A Summary Row serves to summarize aggregated data grouped within a specific section at the bottom of your report.  

How to turn on the group summary row feature?

To use a Summary Row, simply:

  1. Group and aggregate in your Kurve Report
  1. Navigate to the Settings tab within the report  
  1. Select the ‘Show Aggregation Summary Row’ which will insert it at the end of your report!

Let’s use an example!

Imagine you need to provide a report on all the active leases of your company in Europe. You know you want to:

Group your data according to each country within Europe, and  

Aggregate based on:

  • A sum of net rentable
  • Count of the number of contract IDs
  • Sum of gross rentable and  
  • Average of gross usable.  

If you turn on the “Show Aggregation Summary Row” in Settings, you will be able to see a Summary Row at the bottom of your report. This new feature is beneficial to provide an immediate overview of each aggregation column in your report.

You will see that the summary row at the bottom of the report provides you with an easy and digestible format to better understand your data:

  • The sum of the net rentable square footage for the properties globally gives you an overview of the total space available for leasing.
  • The count of the number of Contract IDs provides valuable information about the number of lease agreements globally.
  • The sum of gross rentable square footage is important for understanding the entire space, including common areas and shared spaces.  
  • The average of the gross usable square footage provides insights into the average space that can be utilized globally.
  • The group summary row enhances reporting by providing an efficient way to display summarized data.

2. Delete Prompt for Reports

In the latest version of Kurve, before any report deletion is complete, a new validation process will check whether any graphs have been created using the report(s) you are attempting to delete.  

If any graphs are associated to those reports, there will be an extra prompt requesting you to confirm the deletion:  

You will see a Delete Warning prompt that shows you a list of all the reports with graphs made from it. The prompt will ask you to confirm if you want to continue to delete those selected reports made into graphs, or to not delete those reports and only delete the reports without graphs made from it.

This feature ultimately adds an extra layer of validation to prevent breaking any graphs that have been made from those selected reports!  

How do I know if my Kurve graph has been broken because of a deleted report?  

You will know a graph is broken if you click to open your graph and get the following error message:

How do I fix a broken graph due to the underlying report being broken?

If you have graphs that are currently unable to open because the source report was deleted, not to worry, you can always contact your Kurve Admin and ask them to restore the reports for you!  

3. Graph Total for Multiple Series

This latest version of Kurve brings an enhanced feature for multi-series graphs! Now you can enable graph totals, providing a comprehensive view of cumulative data in a multi-series. Similar to the benefits of a summary row in reports, being able to display multiple graph totals based on series allows you, as the graph reader, to analyze data faster for more efficient decision-making.  

For example, if you want to compare the amount of people a building can hold on each floor of a building in the United States. Comparing these series in your graph will allow you to assess space optimization. Turning on the total for your Multiple Series graph will allow you to compare the total difference of the headcount (number of people) with the total capacity of floors. Based off the image below, we have insight into space optimization we can see that we have more people than we have floor capacity for.  

How to turn on the graph totals for Multiple Series?

  1. Click the Edit Graph icon
  1. Under Advanced Settings, click Label Settings
  1. Check the box next to Show Graph Total

Graph totals provide a comprehensive view of the data by summing up each measure in your multiple series graph, helping to provide an overall view of the “big picture”. This allows users to quickly grasp the overall trends and patterns in the data without having to manually calculate or interpret individual data points.

4. User Experience Enhancements:

The user experience and ease of use is of utmost importance when using a reporting tool on a day-to-day basis. While the following features may seem minor, they make a huge impact on your day-to-day:

1. Intuitive scrolling with sticky groups

Grouped rows and column labels in reports have received a usability boost in this release. Grouped rows will now remain sticky as you scroll vertically though your report. This means that even when you are working with large datasets, you will always have the overall group row in view.  

For those using Pivot Mode, Column Labels will now remain sticky as you scroll through horizontally, ensuring that you always know what data you’re looking at!  

Now that’s a simple, but impactful feature enhancement!  

2. Auto-focus on value selection when using In/Not In Graph Filters

In previous versions of Kurve, when selecting multiple unique values using the in or not in graph filter, you would make a selection from the list and the box would auto-scroll or ‘skip’ back to the top of the list. This could be cumbersome if the multiple values you’re selecting all reside at the bottom of the list of values.  

With this latest enhancement, the checkbox select component will no longer scroll or skip to the top when you check and uncheck a box. Now, it will remain auto-focused on your latest selection. This minor but valuable change makes the filtering process much more user-friendly and ultimately a breeze!  

And so, that’s a wrap on this version’s features of Kurve!

The introductions of the group summary row, delete prompt for reports, enabling graph totals on multi-series graphs, and feature enhancements with stick groups rows and improved experience with using in/not in graph filters all empower users with more features to tell a story with their TRIRIGA data.  

As with any release, it’s essential to stay up to date with the latest features to ensure you’re leveraging the full potential of your tools.  

If you’d like to see these features in action or have questions when upgrading to the latest and greatest, send us an email or schedule a time to chat!

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