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November 10, 2022

We here at Kurve are always looking for ways to grow, to improve. With the introduction of Kurve for TRIRIGA and Kurve for Maximo, we have found ways to help users improve their reporting experience. Now, with the introduction of this new tool, Kurve Layouts, users can take that reporting to a whole new level.

What is Kurve Layouts, you may be wondering?

Available to all TRIRIGA users, it is an easy-to-use platform that allows users to build interactive arrangements of graphs and reports both quickly and easily, providing users with next-level reporting compared to what they get traditionally out of TRIRIGA.

What does Kurve Layouts do? 

There are three main priorities the team tackled when creating Kurve Layouts:

1.  Giving users the ability to build interactive arrangements of graphs and reports both quickly and easily.

We believe that data representation should be done without headaches. The Layouts platform has been designed in a user-friendly manner that allows its end users and admins to create interactive and visual pleasing layouts in just a few clicks.

2.  User friendly features like resize, drag and drop, share, and personalize WITHOUT the physical limitations of TRIRIGA.

When Layouts was in the discovery phase, we brainstormed features that would allow users to create their Layouts in a quick and limitless way. These features will allow you to take your data representation to new heights, leaving behind the nuances of embedding visualizations into TRIRIGA.

Features Kurve Layouts offers include:

  • 5 Templates OR Create-Your-Own
  • Choose a Custom Width or have it dynamically adjusted to your screen size
  • Control over the size of each graph and report
  • Drag and drop to organize and resize
  • Multi-select graphs and reports to bulk add at one time
  • Adjust the background and border color, and title sizes
  • Share layouts with other Kurve users
  • No limit with the number of Layouts you can create
  • Ability to embed and view a Layout in TRIRIGA
  • Copy and/or delete Layouts easily

3.  Save time by not having to fuss with TRIRIGA Portals.

We listened to our community and realized there was a user limitations in TRIRIGA’s functionality, and we thought long and hard about how we could make it better. We identified there was a need for an easier way of displaying multiple graphs and reports in TRIRIGA. Before Layouts, there were significant limitations within TRIRIGA:

  • Unable to resize to the width and height you want in a portal
  • Limited selection of column widths that a user can use to personalize their portal
  • Requires specific users, like TRIRIGA Admins, to embed Kurve graphs and reports into portals for users
  • Time-consuming process and long business cycles encountered to implement, design, and change TRIRIGA portals

Kurve Layouts combats all these limitations identified. TRIRIGA users alike want easy-to-use and efficient tools. Not only does Layouts allow for faster turnaround, users will now be able to take their data representation to new and creative heights!

Kurve Layouts (pictured on the left) allows you to select from 5 existing templates OR start with a blank layout and design your own to your specs. TRIRIGA Portals (pictured on the right) also offers 5 templates, however the column widths and heights are fixed and cannot be changed.

Who can use Layouts?

In a quick answer, anyone, because it really is that simple! One of the great qualities of Layouts is how user friendly it is. The drag and drop feature makes it easy for both user and admins to create infinite arrangements of multiple Kurve graphs and reports in minutes.

Technically speaking, you'll need to be a Kurve user AND you will want to be on the latest version of Kurve (Version 1.19 - released October 2022) in order to use Kurve Layouts to its fullest potential.

How to create a Kurve Layout? 

You can create stunning layouts with your Kurve TRIRIGA graphs and reports in just a few clicks:

  • From the Layouts Homepage, click on the ‘Create’ (+) icon to create a new layout
  • Click ‘Select from Templates’        
  • Select your desired Layout Template and then click ‘Create Layout’
  • To populate your Layout, navigate to a section and click the three dots
  • Choose your graph or report to add to that layout section  
  • Continue to populate the remaining template areas
  • When you are satisfied with your Layout, click ‘Save Changes.’ The final publishable layout will be displayed!

Once you have created those beautiful Layouts, users and admins alike can show them off by sharing the Layouts with colleagues or embedding them into TRIRIGA Portals.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a demo today! 

While we are thrilled to be releasing Kurve Layouts to our amazing community, we have some more exciting things coming in the pipeline!

A Look into the Future: What else is coming up for Kurve reporting?

A quick disclaimer: The Kurve Roadmap teasers we are about to share are for informational purposes only and is subject to change or delay at the sole discretion of Tjene and Kurve Solutions.

  • Query Filter Lists: Create pre-populated list of values for users to select from when using Kurve query filters on graphs and reports. This feature will increase user experience and efficiency digging into TRIRIGA data as users will no longer need to recall the values they want to filter on.

  • Multi-series Graphs: The ability to make a graph that has multiple different measure values (including different axis, graph types, and other graph settings). For example, a bar chart showing the count of unassigned work tasks by work type and a line graph showing how much the task costs.

  • An updated API from IBM that will enable Kurve to be able to handle localized data. This means Kurve will display in the same language as their TRIRIGA environment!


As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback on Layouts and stay tuned for future news!

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