Release of 3 New How-To Videos for 1.10 Features

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August 11, 2020

We’re excited to share 3 new support videos to help you make the most of Kurve. With our latest release of 1.10, we have a new user interface for creating/editing graphs and making custom columns. Check out the links below:

  1. How-To Make a Graph (Version 1.10): learn how easy it is to make a simple graph in Kurve.
  2. How-To Utilize Advanced Graph Settings (Version 1.10): Utilizing advanced settings like adding data labels and showing a distinct count on your graph has never been easier.
  3. How-To Make Custom Columns (Version 1.10): Learn how to easily make custom columns in Kurve

If you’re interesting in learning more about these features or want to find out if Kurve is the right fit for you, click here to demo today!

Three New How-To Videos For You - learn how to find duplicates and more! (v.1.11)

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