Three New How-To Videos For You - learn how to find duplicates and more! (v.1.11)

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November 12, 2020

With the release of Version 1.11 of Kurve, we are happy to release three new how to videos. For our normal Kurve users we changed the UI when creating a graph and report. Check out the youtube videos below to see what’s new:

  1. Kurve Core: How-to Create a Report
  2. Kurve Core: How-to Create a Graph

For our admins out there OMing graphs and reports between environments, we have a new tool to help you identify whether you have already imported into that environment. The Find Duplicates tool is the last page on the Kurve Admin portal and displays all records that have duplicate IDs. Easily delete the duplicates to make your record functional!

  1. Kurve Admin: How to use the Find Duplicates tool to delete Duplicated Records

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