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How Did You Come Up With Kurve?

Based off of our experience with TRIRIGA Consulting, we noticed a major gap in data visualization in TRIRIGA for End-Users.

Long story short, our team has worked with TRIRIGA for 10+ years as implementors, supports, and maintainers of the system for our clients. 

One of the major complaints we've heard over time is the lack of real-time, easy-to-use reporting tools for TRIRIGA users. Instead of waiting around to see if the right tool would come along, we said, "Let's build this ourselves!"

How Do I Get Started?

Book a demo!

We can talk about how Kurve can best suit your TRIRIGA experience and get a better understanding of your business and reporting needs.

How Do You Come Up With What's New On Kurve?

Freshdesk – we constantly monitor what our clients need for roadmapping. Kurve releases every quarter – based off of client feedback.

How Much Does Kurve Cost?

It depends on which product or service you're looking for.

  • Kurve Core, our ad hoc reporting tool, is based on your TRIRIGA setup (e.g. OnPrem vs. SaaS, Servers, TRIRIGA Licenses).
  • Kurve Custom services are based on time and materials to build.
  • Reporting Expertise is an hourly consultant rate.

Let's chat to discuss where you are at and how Kurve can meet your expectations.

How Is Kurve Different From BIRT?

BIRT is not dynamic with their reporting. A static report template must be created to run it.

Kurve lets you create dynamic reports and graphs off of live TRIRIGA information. It can all be created by end-users - no TRIRIGA admins necessary!


What Free Resources Are Available?

We offer User Guides, How-to Videos, and Best Practices which are available on our Support page.

What Paid Resources Are Available?

Let's chat to discuss what type of support you are looking for. We will offer additional on-site support if needed.

What Business Hours Are You Open For Help?

This will depend on your support contract. Generally we are available 9am-5pm EST.

Can Support Be Provided Onsite At My Company?

Yes! We are happy to support with onsite training and/or additional report consulting.

Can I Check The Status Of My Support Ticket?

Yes, if you create a support ticket account with Tjene, you will be able to check on the status of your ticket through Freshdesk.

Can I Make A Case More Urgent?

Yes, it is a feature in your Kurve support ticket.


Do We Need More Servers To Run Kurve?

No – Kurve is fully integrated in your existing TRIRIGA setup.

What Versions Of TRIRIGA Are Supported?

Currently, Kurve is available for TRIRIGA Platform 3.5 and up.

Our TRIRIGA System Is Hosted By IBM (SaaS), Can You Install Kurve?

Yes – Kurve can be installed in any TRIRIGA instance Platform 3.5 and up.

In What Languages Does Kurve Core Support?

Currently, Kurve Core supports data in all languages supported by TRIRIGA. The Kurve tool currently is offered in English.

How Long Will It Take To Install?

Kurve Core can be installed on your computer in 30 minutes or less!

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