6 More Reasons to Love Ad Hoc Reporting with Kurve (v1.14)

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July 22, 2021

Oh, the joys of summer! Sizzling temperatures, the smell of sunscreen, cookouts with family and friends…and of course, the newest release of Kurve!

Version 1.14 has officially joined the party and it’s making quite the splash! This release is packed with 6 NEW features and functionality to make reporting on your TRIRIGA data more efficient and compelling:

  1. Adjustable Report Table Sizes: Fit more data on a single page
  1. Plot Bands: Visual cues and highlights for graphs  
  1. Donut Charts: A new graph type to add to your repertoire  
  1. Graph Font Sizes and Color: Change to your specifications
  1. Report Reset Buttons: Go back to default views quickly and easily
  1. Microsoft Excel Export Settings: Get more detailed export info with your download

How does this newest release of Kurve solve today’s TRIRIGA reporting problems? Grab your favorite floaty and let’s dive right in!

1. Adjustable Report Table Sizes

You want a more condensed view of your data in a report - no problem!

Make your way to the ‘Settings’ tab in a Kurve Report and change the size of the table to:  

  • Small (more on a page),
  • Medium, or
  • Large (default size; less on a page).

Changing the size of the table will automatically adjust the font size and line height so you can fit more (or less) data on a page.

HOT TIP: If you’re like me and want to eliminate scrolling down the table to view rows, make your way to ‘Settings’ and change:  

  • Rows Per Page to 20
  • Table Size to Small  

You may need to tweak the settings a bit depending on your screen size, but on a 13-inch screen, now all you need to do is flip to other pages to quickly scan through the rest of your data!  

2. Plot Bands

You all love the ability to add a static plot line to a graph to show a threshold (added in v1.12), well now you can add PLOT BANDS!

Bands are perfect for:  

  • Adding a visual display of status for series data, or
  • Highlighting a specific range on an axis.

So, if you need to show budget variances and where you went over and under budget or hit a particularly high number of service requests in between April and June, PLOT BAND it!  

You need to tell a compelling story with your data and using a feature like this makes your reporting capabilities even more effective!  

3. Donut Charts

Convert any pie chart and make it into a donut! Head to your Graph Settings where you can choose your “inner size %” – essentially carving out the middle of the pie and making it a donut.  

When should you use a pie chart versus a donut chart?  

Pie and donut charts are both meant to show parts of a whole and compare data, but there are a couple differences worth noting:  

Pie Charts:  

  • Comparison of “slices” and their areas to interpret data
  • Can be more difficult to read if the slices aren’t drastically different from one another

Donut Charts:  

  • Comparison of “arcs” and their lengths to interpret data  
  • Can be easier to read as we’re better at judging linear distances of things  

If you are trying to show a breakdown of your capital projects budget for the year or space utilization by vacancy status for a particular floor or building, try giving either one of these graph types a go!  

Ultimately the choice is yours depending on the story you’re telling with your data!  

4. Graph Font Size and Color

Improve readability by changing the font size and color within a Kurve graph.  

Make your way to the ‘Edit Graph’ window to change your axes, legend, and/or tooltips text size to:

  • Small,
  • Medium (default), or
  • Large  

Just like when creating a new color template for your graphs, use our handy color picker when selecting a text color. You can always input an RGB or Hex Code # if you have that available.

5. Report Reset Buttons

A Kurve Report is open showing the Settings options including the new Reset Columns, Remove Custom Columns, and Clear All Filters Buttons.

If you were in the Kurve Report Settings adjusting your table size, you likely noticed a few new buttons:

  • Reset Columns
  • Remove Custom Columns
  • Clear All Filters

These buttons ultimately make your life easier if you want to reset your entire report rather than make individual changes.

Reset Columns will adjust your report back to the default view removing any grouping or aggregations, column width sizing adjustments, and column drag-and-drop rearrangement.  

Remove Custom Columns will bulk delete all Kurve Custom Columns added to a report.

Clear All Filters will bulk remove all filters applied to your report.  

6. Excel Export Settings

Being able to export Kurve Reports to a Microsoft Excel file is super handy – especially if you need to share this data with someone who doesn’t have login access to TRIRIGA.  

While all that TRIRIGA data inside an .xlsx file is extremely important, and so is having more information on the export itself.  

That’s why you will now see the Kurve Report Name AND time the report was exported included when you open your download.  

A Capital Projects Report exported into Microsoft Excel shows the Report Title "Capital Projects - Variances" Cell A1 and the Time the report was exported in A3.

Kurve shows real-time data every time you log in to the system, so having the time stamp of the export will ensure you and your colleagues know exactly when this file was taken from the system - no need to manually do this yourself.  

Now that’s what we call a time-saver!  

Schedule a demo to see these features live!

If you’d like to see these features in action or have questions, send us an email or schedule a time to chat!

Wishing you all a safe and happy summer! Till next time!  

PS. Did you recognize some of the features added to the app? If so, you probably submitted a feature request! Thanks to you for using our tool day in and day out and driving the product to be the best ad hoc reporting tool for TRIRIGA!  

If you ask for it, we listen and consider your ask in Kurve’s roadmap. So, keep the feature requests coming! Send us an email or submit one here.  

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