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July 13, 2022

The data visualization industry is constantly evolving, and it is important for us to define our new landscape. Our goal has always been to make out-of-the-world data visualization so you can showcase what you are proud of! To help us prioritize product updates, we take your feedback seriously. We love regularly connecting with our power users to learn more about their favorite Kurve features, and the features they crave. And after receiving much valuable feedback, we are excited to announce a new version of Kurve!

Showcase your best work ever! The summer product launch brings a new graph feature that gives you more control when designing visualizations in Kurve. Now you can experience a new level of innovation in label design with a variety of options and layout controls!

Custom Label Font Settings

The purpose of reporting is to provide visualizations that convey a large amount of information quickly. Features that allow you to customize your graphs and reports, like Custom Label Font Settings, help you do just that!

There are many benefits for using Custom Label Font Settings, such as:  

1. Giving users complete font setting controls

2. Providing more accessibility (size, color, contrast)

3. Enhancing readability and visual appeal

Kurve 1.18 allows you to control how you want information conveyed on your graph. You can choose your desired font size, as well as the color by RGB or HEX code to make your own unique design.  

It also improves accessibility by providing options for people with vision impairment or color blindness as it is easy to make contrasting colors. You can change your graph background color to make your colors pop by going to ‘Edit Graph’ > ‘Advanced Settings’ > ‘Plot Settings’. Check the ‘Customize Plot Background’ box and choose your desired color in the color picker. You can also use RGB or HEX code to select the color.

Custom label settings also enhance readability and visual appeal for viewers of graphs so they obtain the information they need quickly and easily. After all, a good visualization should help users understand complex data without getting in the way of design, and any text that accompanies the graphics should be easy to read, but unobtrusive.

How to use Kurve’s Custom Label Font Settings

To use this feature, simply navigate to ‘Edit Graph’ > ‘Graph Styles’ > ‘Font Settings’. You can then select ‘Apply Custom Data Label Font Settings’

As for stacked column/bar graphs, you can also select ‘Apply Custom Stack Label Font Settings’ for more labels.

There are three font sizes (small, medium, large) you can choose from as well. You can even change the label colors in the color picker.

Start using Kurve v1.18 now to be the first to see all the goodness in this release!  

Coming Up... Kurve Layouts!

Are you tired of the complex TRIRIGA portals? Requested by popular demand, we are thrilled to introduce you to our new tool coming soon – Kurve Layouts!

Gone are the days of wishing you had more flexibility outside of the standard TRIRIGA column layouts/portal section sizing, and heavily leaning on admins to create and manage portal sections.  

The interactive, dashboard-like feel of Kurve Layouts provides businesses with the insights needed to action on your data.  

Kurve Layouts allows you to:

  • Build interactive arrangements with a dashboard feel for yourself, no admin required
  • Resize, drag and drop, and personalize WITHOUT the physical limitations of TRIRIGA
  • Access multiple Kurve visualizations on a single screen
  • Save time not having to fuss with TRIRIGA Portals

Increase productivity using Kurve Layouts by looking at your data from different perspectives while interacting with your Kurve creations real-time. Zooming-in and out, detailing time intervals, filtering countries, or showing or hiding specific parameters enables you to look at data in the most holistic way, like never before!

Excited to see Kurve Layouts in action? Sign up now to be the first to know when it’s ready and receive an exclusive offer!

Come Say ‘Hi’ to Us at MaximoWorld!

Last but not least, we are excited to announce that next month, the Kurve Team will be debuting Kurve for Maximo at MaximoWorld 2022, an event full of live demos, advanced technologies, and best practice strategies for the world’s best-run companies. This year’s MaximoWorld will take place in Austin, Texas, a place known for its outstanding food, great live music venues, and its general weirdness. Register now before there are no spots left!

Come by and say hi to us at Tower #19. We are looking forward to seeing you there and answering all of your questions.

Join us on August 8 for the pre-conference session “Reporting Mistakes You’re Probably Making & How to Fix Them” hosted by the Kurve team. We will be covering the common mistakes that businesses are making when reporting on their data, the right and wrong tools for the job, and how to get your reporting strategy on track.

Innovation is one of Kurve’s core values, and we commit to this value by releasing many new features and enhancements four times a year. While you patiently anticipate the next release, don’t forget to sign up and join 200+ others who receive regular updates on software releases, tips, and informational blog posts straight to your inbox! You can also follow us on Linkedin to keep in touch with the latest Kurve news.

Finally, a big thank you to the Kurve community! You motivate us every day with your invaluable expertise, dedication, and passion for using data visualization to solve every day TRIRIGA problems. Thank you for your continued feedback and inspiration!

What are you waiting for? Get the latest version of Kurve today to start using all these exciting new features!

If you have further questions about how to use a specific feature, check out our YouTube channel – we upload a new how-to video every two weeks. If you would like to see a quick demo of them all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Spring into Action with Kurve (v1.17)

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