The Evolution of Kurve - Welcoming the Newest Version of Kurve January 2021 (v1.12)

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January 18, 2021

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution argues that species have changed and modified over time to the living things we see today. While we could marvel at the fact that the modern humpback whale descended from a Pakicetus (Google it to see images of this odd dog-like creature for yourself), you’re probably wondering what all this has to do with Kurve, TRIRIGA, and data reporting. 

Software applications have and continue to evolve as we push the bounds of what we need and want to get our jobs done. That’s why when we first explored making Kurve, (Fun Fact: the beta version used to be called Leffe – a fan favorite beer at Tjene) we knew that this tool was going to evolve and modify as more TRIRIGA users, like yourself, got their hands on it. As the famous saying goes, Rome was not built in a day!  

Naturally, we may be feeling a tad reflective as we kick off this new year, 2021, but Kurve has come a long way since 2016. We have just released our twelfth (12th!) version of the tool and the features and functionality we continue to add are because of the insight and feedback we receive from you.  

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what you all asked for and see how this newest version of Kurve Core solves today’s TRIRIGA reporting needs:


  1. Plot Lines
  2. Accessibility Phase 1
  3. Custom Columns Color Picker
  4. New User Interface for Graphs and Reports Overview Pages

First: Plot Lines 

You asked, we answered! This feature came up quite a few times during client implementations and support calls. We definitely see the value it adds to a graph! A static plot line – either along the x- or y-axis is a great way to mark a threshold on your graph. Make your way to Advanced Settings and select Plot Settings. From here you have the ability to choose the background color of the chart, which axis to plot the line, and its label and line style as displayed on the graph.  

If you…

  • Have a capacity limit of 20 individuals per floor in a particular space, or 
  • Need to remind your team that the workload for resources should not go over 10 work tasks per day, or 
  • Exceed $1.3 million on this capital project, it’s considered over-budget, 

Plot it! Your graph needs to tell a story quickly and effectively and plot lines help make it all the more compelling.

A bar graph showing a maximum capacity threshold of 80 people.
Figure 1. Plot lines can be used to show thresholds, or as in this example, a maximum floor capacity.

Second: Accessibility Phase 1  

As a developer of a software application that is intended to improve the experience of TRIRIGA users, we also have a duty to ensure that each and every one of you are able to use our software. The team is actively working on a multi-phase approach to make Kurve more accessible for those with visual, auditory, physical, speech, or other differences. Thanks to the W3 and their Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, we’ve gone through the process of auditing Kurve and identifying features and functionality that need targeting. 

A lot of this work is like tackling a much-needed kitchen renovation – the walls are opened, and the internal plumbing and electrical work need to be addressed to make the kitchen function better. Not as outwardly appreciated as the front facing aesthetic appeal of the renovation, but it must be done!  

In addition to the behind the scenes “code reno", Phase 1 of our efforts also includes expanding keyboard functionality and improving screen reader compatibility with Kurve.  

If you’re a PC user, you may be familiar with screen readers like JAWS, but did you know that Mac has an integrated tool, VoiceOver, you can activate yourself using Command + F5 on your keyboard?  

Looking to take advantage of keyboard functionality? You can now select records in the Overview pages with your spacebar: 

  1. Navigate to the report or graph using the tab and cursor keys.  
  2. Hit your spacebar once to toggle the checkbox and select the row! Now you can take advantage of the action buttons (newly designed as discussed in the fourth feature listed below – keep reading!)  

This functionality works for both PC and Mac users.  

Stay tuned as we continue to release additional phases of Accessibility Features and Functionality this year!  

By keyboarding over the 'Change Share Settings' icon, Mac 'Voiceover' reads out to "change share settings, press control-option-space."
Figure 2. Mac's integrated 'Voiceover' technology being used to read out the button selection and give its keyboard shortcut.

Third: Custom Columns Color Picker 

You need to make a Custom Column showing the occupancy status of your spaces by color. The business is strict on the fact that you cannot use just any “RED” to show occupied spaces – it has to be RGB 171, 5, 32!  

No need to sweat – the colors of the rainbow are now available for you in the Color Picker when creating Custom Columns! Just make your way to the ‘Palette’ Icon located with the rest of the Operators.  

Being able to color Custom Columns is essential when organizing your data in a report. An eye-catching palette can help grab your attention if something is high priority or due within the next 48 hours! Don’t forget that these columns can then be used as your “Color By” column in a Kurve graph – and yes, the colors – even that specific RGB 171, 5, 32 - transfer over!  

Kurve's Custom Column Color Picker window is open with a shade of yellow (Hex# c2b457) to be used for the Request Class equalling Preventative Maintenance.
Figure 3. The Color Picker is now located in the Custom Column Operators to allow RGB or Hex #'s in color columns.

Fourth: New User Interface for Graphs and Reports Overview Pages 

The Kurve Team is always working to make the experience of the tool better for its users. As introduced in v1.11, part of this initiative includes adopting IBM’s Carbon Design System to better align Kurve with the look and feel of TRIRIGA. While you may notice some stylistic changes, rest assured, the Kurve purple is here to stay!  

In this release, you’ll notice that once you’ve selected a record, the action buttons are now visible below the Search Bar (above the Graph/Report Name header) in the Overview Pages. This design change makes it easier for you as these actions will always appear in the same location! Hover no more! You’ll also notice that multi-selecting records has a convenient “# Items Selected” counter. This is handy when you’re viewing large numbers of rows per page and lose count.

By selecting a record in the 'Graphs Overview' page, users will now find the Action Buttons (Delete, Copy, Get Portal URL, etc.) underneath the search bar.
Figure 4. Action Buttons (e.g. Delete, Copy, Get Portal URL) are more easily located and utilized in the Report and Graph Overview pages when a record is selected.

And there you have it! As we wrap up for the moment here, rest assured that Kurve is already continuing to evolve as we speak! We have a lot planned for you as new versions of Kurve are released this year. 

If you have any questions about these features or have an idea of functionality you would like added to Kurve, let’s talk! Reach out to us through your FreshDesk account.  

If you don’t have Kurve yet, what are you waiting for?! Schedule your demo now!  

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