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October 19, 2022

We’re falling for Version 1.19 of Kurve in more ways than one! This season – I mean, release - of Kurve is all about reports and functionality that make reporting on your TRIRIGA data more efficient and compelling.  

Click on a feature below to jump right to, or scroll and read on:

  1. Wrap Column Header Text: Save valuable space and display more information by word wrapping column headers
  1. Sort Grouped Rows: Organize one or more grouped rows in ascending or descending order  
  1. New Formatting Feature for Exported Kurve Reports: Easily expand/collapse grouped rows in MS Excel
  1. Backend Compatibility for the NEW Kurve Layouts Application: A revolutionary way to build your own views of 2+ charts in TRIRIGA; Coming Soon!

1. Wrap Column Header Text

You asked, we listened! You can now wrap column headers in a report, like how you can wrap text of data within the column.

What is text wrapping?

Text Wrapping is the ability to format text so that it appears on multiple lines.  

There are many key benefits to wrapping text in a report, including:  

  • Ensuring important data is viewable on a report (that might be cutoff otherwise)
  • Improved readability and focus on important content  
  • Fitting more viewable columns in a report (especially for those who display reports in TRIRIGA Portal Sections) 
  • A more polished look to your visualizations 

With Kurve, you have the flexibility to wrap the column headers and the data within the column into multiple lines.  

The 'Task' column shows wrapping used within the rows of data. The 'Resource Assignment Status' column, once cut off from view, is now readable by wrapping the header text.

How do I turn on text wrapping for column headers?

This is super easy – let’s walk you through it!

  1. Make your way to a Kurve report.
  1. Find the column you’d like to wrap the header text of.
    Look for columns that have the ellipses (…) in the header!  
  1. Click the hamburger menu.
  1. Select ‘Enable Header Wrapping.’
  1. Adjust the size of the column to display text on multiple lines.

PS. If you also want to text wrap the data in that column, follow the same steps as above, except select ‘Enable Word Wrapping.’

Wrapping text is a quick enhancement that makes a big impact in your report!  

2. Sort Grouped Rows

Grouping is a great way to summarize and understand report data quickly. With this latest version of Kurve, you can now more easily organize and analyze these groups by sorting on them!  

Whether you are grouping your data by one category or many, you can sort on all your values in ascending or descending order with a quick click of the mouse:  

The 'Building' group is in ascending order sort, while the 'Space Class' group has been sorted in descending order.

One thing you may note is that a UX/UI change was necessary to introduce this functionality. Previously, to color a grouped row, you would click on the group “token” to open the color picker. Starting in Version 1.19, when you click on the “token”, it will sort the data for you instead.

To color a grouped row, a simple right mouse click on the row will display the option to ‘Color Group Row.’ Select that and keep coloring on!  

3. New Formatting Feature for Exported Kurve Reports

With Kurve, you can export your Kurve visualizations in several formats. For Kurve reports, that includes CSV and Microsoft Excel files.  

The beauty of using Kurve is that when exporting your report, customizations like filtering, sorting, grouping, aggregating, etc. get carried over into the export file.  

With this latest release, you will notice that there is an easier way to view, expand, and collapse grouped rows in MS Excel:  

  1. See the number of groupings listed in the left tab next to the row numbers  
  1. Expand or collapse the groupings using the (+) or (-) boxes

When should I export a Kurve report? 

Exporting a Kurve report should be considered when:  

  • Sharing a visualization with someone who doesn’t have TRIRIGA access
  • Including a visualization in a presentation that doesn’t require real-time insights  
  • Saving a visualization in a point in time that you’d like to look back on in the future (since TRIRIGA doesn’t have a great way of visualizing historical records)  

For example, you might want to compare how the status of work tasks changed from the beginning of the month to the end of the month. This is a good use case of exporting a Kurve report at a particular point in time to compare at another point in time.

4. Backend Compatibility for the NEW Kurve Layouts Application (Coming Very Soon!)

Kurve Layouts: A revolutionary way to view multiple charts at one time!

Imagine an app that allows you to design and interact with multiple Kurve visualizations on one page without the need of TRIRIGA Portal Sections or an Admins help…

Imagine no more! Kurve Layouts will be coming to the Kurve product suite very soon!

You’ll have the flexibility and control viewing multiple charts while:

  • Building interactive arrangements with a dashboard-like feel  
  • Resizing, dragging and dropping, and personalizing layouts without the physical constraints of TRIRIGA  
  • Saving time empowering users to create layouts, while minimizing the amount of time a TRIRIGA admin is needed
  • Eliminating the business cycles required for Admins to create TRIRIGA Portal Sections, copy Kurve Portal URLs, assigning users Portal Sections, etc.  

What features will be included in Kurve Layouts?

  • 5 templated Layouts OR create your own!  
  • Choose a custom width or have your Layout dynamically adjusted to your screen size
  • Drag and drop to organize and resize  
  • Multi-select graphs and reports to bulk add at one time  
  • Share Layouts with other Kurve users  
  • AND more!  

Make sure to sign up here if you want to be one of the first to know when Kurve Layouts makes landfall!  

We’ll reach to give you an exclusive demo of this new tool to join the Kurve product suite.  

While you patiently anticipate the next release of Kurve, don’t forget to subscribe to Kurve’s Email List for updates, tips, and more!  

PS. It was great seeing some of you at TRIRIGAWorld/MaximoWorld this past August! It was a busy week as we officially released Kurve for Maximo at the spaceship themed tower in the Expo Hall. We also gave a session on “Reporting Mistakes You’re Probably Making & How to Fix Them.” If you missed the conference and are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to contact us at kurve@tjene.com.

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